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Discover What 
Mind & Body
Wellness Feels Like.


Alternative Pathways provides affordable and accessible holistic health & wellness services.

We provide services to individuals and families who are ready to take a step towards lasting positive behavioral change, that will lead to a happier healthier lifestyle. 

We use evidence-based practices to help our clients achieve their goals, and focus on their strengths to create real sustainable change. 

As a family-owned and operated company, we treat our clients with the utmost respect and highest quality of care, just like family.  

How does coaching work? 
Our coaches at Alternative Pathways work with you to help you achieve your goals.  Unlike other popular health and wellness coaching companies, we design a program unique to you. Your coach will work with you to develop a wellness plan that meets your needs and focuses on the whole self. Your coach will develop resources and support that meet your needs and help you stay accountable. 

Yoga Teacher
Wellness Coach

We're Different. 

Forget what you know about coaching. All of our coaches at Alternative Pathways have a Master's level education in varying human services fields focusing on integrating mental and physical health.

We take a holistic approach to improving your health and wellness through coaching. The coaching approach means we focus on attaining goals, and strategies to help you meet these goals. This is what sets us apart. We use cognitive-behavioral techniques, motivational interviewing, and provide information, support, tools, and skills needed to make long-lasting positive behavioral changes.

Wellness Coaching

Health Coaching


Family & Relationship Services

"If you're looking to improve your physical and mental health, Alternative Pathways is the place for you." 

Is this right for me?

Our philosophy is that the services provided at Alternative Pathways are valuable tools, to help the individual problem solve and live a holistic lifestyle. In living a holistic lifestyle there is a focus on the whole self during the healing process, including your mind, body, and spirit. Our services are for anyone who wants to embrace change and learn about their whole self. We believe in preventative care, and that everyone has the power to make positive, lasting, and impactful changes.  Join us for a free consultation. We can discuss if these services are right for you. 

Meet Our Family


Neil Oberto 

Wellness Coach



Meralea Oberto

Hypnotherapist, Wellness Coach



Kristina Landolfi

Health Coach, Wellness Coach



Brittany Sherman

 Intern Wellness Coach

MSW Candidate



"Had a few sessions with Kristina so far and have learned so much in my short amount of time. I've always struggled with healthy habits but have been learning my personal roadblocks and ways to achieve success in both my physical and mental health. Being able to have these sessions virtually is a big convenience for me as well."

Julia W. 

"I couldn't be more pleased with the hypnotherapy services I've received from Alternative Pathways...Meralea was so kind and personable, she just made me feel at ease, especially with something so unknown to me! I feel so much better already. She gave me the exercises to do and they definitely help! I think the best part is that I could do this remotely from my own comfortable home, I didn't need to travel to her how wonderful... I highly recommend them for your needs. Really great people!"

Bonnie S. 


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