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Corporate Wellness

Stand Up Meeting

Here at Alternative Pathways we understand that you're passionate about the work you do, and see your co-workers and employees as family.

That's why we design custom corporate wellness packages and programs to meet the unique needs of your business. 

We believe the workplace should be a safe and supportive environment to grow and thrive in. We aim to help you create a workspace that embodies health and wellness. 

Stand-up Meeting

Some of the benefits of promoting wellness in the workplace include: 

  • Increasing productivity

  • Increase healthy behaviors

  • Lower stress

  • Build employee relationships and morale

  • Decrease illness and risk of disease

  • Increase employee retention

  • Reduce care costs 


         And so much more! 

Corprate Wellnes Services We Provide:

  • Health Coaching (Individual or Group) 

  • Wellness Coaching (Individual or Group) 

  • Stress Management Workshop 

  • Nutrition in the Workplace Workshop

  • Work-life Balance Workshop 

  • Guided Meditations 

  • Hypnosis for Anxiety and Stress

  • Creating a Healthy Work Environment Workshop 

All of our services are available both in person at your location as well as virtually! 

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Work Desk

We understand your business is unique, which is why these are just some of the services and workshops we can provide you. While crafting your services or workshops, you will work directly with one of our Coaches to ensure our services are made custom to you. 

All of the services provided at Alternative Pathways can be adapted into a corporate wellness workshop or service.

Interested in bringing wellness to your workplace? 

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