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It's time to strengthen your mind and body connection with our private mat Pilates classes! 


Work one on one with our certified Pilates instructor to develop trauma-informed, gentle and meditative classes specifically for you and your body's needs.  

Your Pilates Your Way

If you're new to Pilates or have been practicing for a while our Pilates classes are for you.


All of our classes are trauma informed and gentle, allowing you to relieve stress and focus within. 

What Makes Our Classes Trauma Informed? 

Firstly, our certified instructor is trained in trauma informed care and on the connection of trauma and the body. Our classes focus on your experience within your practice rather than performance. Our goal is to help you preform movement without feeling triggered, while allowing you a space to focus on releasing trauma in the body. Our focus is not only on the body, but on the mind, spirit, and emotions. 

Yoga Pose

Benefits Of Pilates 

Practicing Pilates can help to: 

-Improve Muscle Strength and Tone

-Improve Cognitive Functioning 

-Develop Mind Body Connection 

-Relieve Stress

-Stabilize Core 

-Process Trauma

-Improve Spine Health 

-Decrease Back Pain 

-Increase Energy

-Improve Balance 

-Boost Self Confidence 

-Improves Sleep 

-Boosts Mood 

And so much more. 

From the Comfort of Home 


We believe a deep mind body connection can happen when you feel most comfortable, that's why we offer our Pilates classes virtually bringing us to you. 

All you need is a mat. 

Pilates Exercise
Yoga at Home

Pilates should be accessible and affordable to everyone. 

Our classes are only $15.00 per 35 minute class. 

Or buy a package of 4 classes for only $50.00 

We also offer a package of 10 classes for only $125.00


If you want longer or shorter classes we can work with you to build the class that better fits your needs.  


Contact us below to schedule your free consultation to see if our classes are right for you.  

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