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Listening To Your Vibrations

Have you ever walked into a room and thought of some variation of "the vibe is off here"? This is an example of recognizing high and low-energy vibrations! High and low energy vibrations are a very spiritual concept with a very practical use.

If you're like me, you might binge-watch true crime shows and podcasts. You might be fascinated by dark drama and high action. And if you're like me, you might also notice that after hours of consuming media that is negative and violent, you might feel depressed or depleted both physically and emotionally for what feels like no real reason.

You might be feeling this way because when we consume this dark content or don't take care of our physical health, especially in high quantities, it can put us in a state of low energy vibrations. A few signs of low energy vibrations can be low self-esteem, negative thoughts, little motivation, and sadness.

There are ways we can shift from low to high-energy vibrations. Mood-boosting activities are key to creating high-energy vibrations within ourselves! Having a clean space, spending time with loved ones, exercise, and laughing are all examples of ways to create high-energy vibrations- and improve our mood.

I will still be binge-watching every true crime show I can get my eyes on, and you should, too if tthat's what you like! But maybe plan to finish it off with an episode of your favorite sitcom or a song that makes you feel good. What we watch and listen to matters. Ultimately, recognizing high and low-energy vibrations within ourselves is a great way to practice listening to our mind's needs.

Because good vibrations aren't just for Beach Boys.

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