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Affirmations: They Really Do Work, and Here is Why

I am sure you have heard of practicing positive affirmations at least once or twice in your life. This practice has recently taken the internet by storm with unlimited content and people claiming how positive affirmations changed their lives. If you have ever spoken to someone who practices affirmations, they might say it feels like magic. They say these positive phrases to themselves and suddenly attract the things they speak about in their affirmations into their lives. As someone who practices daily affirmations, I can vouch for that mystical effortless feeling, but it isn't magic that makes affirmations work; it's your brain.

What are Affirmations?

Affirmations are phrases and sentences that we say to ourselves. We can say them out loud, in the mirror to our reflection, or just in our heads. It really doesn't matter as much how you say the affirmation but the action behind it. Affirmations are usually positive phrases that we want to believe about ourselves or want to see happen in our lives. For example, someone may say, "I am worthy of love," "I have abundance in my life," or "I am strong." Some people make up affirmations that are individualized to them, but it's also common to utilize affirmations others have already shared if they resonate with you. When practicing affirmations, it's important to be consistent with them. They won't be nearly as effective if you do not use them constantly.

How do Affirmations Work?

When practiced consistently, affirmations can help to improve our mental health and wellness by changing our thought patterns. When you practice affirmations, it's important to focus on the words you are saying. Focus on how you would feel when that affirmation comes true, and speak about the affirmation in the present tense. When we speak about the affirmation as if it was already there, we start to "trick" our brains by actually releasing the hormones and endorphins that would be released when this affirmation is true. This is true of manifesting too, which is close to affirmations and uses the same neuroscience. When you practice affirmations daily, your brain starts creating new pathways. The brain starts to find evidence that the affirmation is the reality in your daily life, focusing on experiences and opportunities it may not have found before. By practicing the affirmations, you are literally training your brain to look for the positive and start to overlook your negative beliefs.

So to summarize, yes, affirmations really can change your life. They lead to a more positive mindset and can improve your mental health and wellness as a whole. Check out our free downloadable worksheet below to get started with daily affirmations.

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